The Boot Room


Beautiful Boots from the Beautiful Game

Take a look at some of the most iconic football boots worn over the years, picked from Reü’s Room.

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Image result for alan ball white boots
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The Pocket Square


Style Essential

The icing on the cake to any outfit, a pocket square can polish off anything from smart to casual. Over the years style icons have dressed their pockets up with real flair, take a look at some of the many ways to rock a pocket square picked from Reü’s Room.

Image result for dean martin pocket square
Dean Martin crooning till dawn
The plain-weave glen check suit in From Russia with Love
007 Shaking it Up
Image result for david gandy pocket square
Gandy going all out for Pandora
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Agnelli with his trademark look
Image result for mad men pocket square
The Mad Men never disapoint
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CP3 going BIG
Image result for colourful pocket square celebrity
Pine’s colourful pocket square doing the talking
Image result for valentino
Black and White Perfection
Image result for russell westbrook pocket square
Expect nothing less from Russ
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Redmayne impressing on the red carpet
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Fred Astaire showing his class
Image result for clark gable pocket square
Gable looking sharp
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Lapo Elkann doing it better than anyone!

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The Knitted Tie


Style Essential

The knitted tie has experienced a rapid surge of popularity in recent years but has been trail blazed by icons for decades. Adding sartorial flair, it is a great way to jazz up any outfit. Take a look at some of the most stylish ways the knitted tie has been worn picked from Reü’s Room.

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Sean Connery matching suit and tie colour in Goldfinger, 1964
Image result for andy warhol knitted tie
Andy Warhol capturing artist David Hockney with this colourful, striped knitted tie
Johannes Huebl pulling out the polka dot knit for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Image result for ryan reynolds knit tie
Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds expertly fashioning the maroon knitted tie with a navy, checked overcoat
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007 staring with purpose in Spectre with this ensemble of light, desert colours
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TV star Ted Danson striping out
David Gandy Style | Double-breasted jacket with brown polka dot knitted tie
David Gandy mastering the mix and match with polka dot knit
Pierce Brosnan playing with a Leica camera in Gaetano Pesce's Up5 & Up6, "Donna" in red | design celebrity color photography
Pierce always looking camera ready
Image result for kevin durant wears tie
Former MVP Kevin Durant hitting 3s with this fit
Source: voxsart
Image result for paul newman knit tie
Cool Hand Luke living up to his name

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Five Ways To Wear

With a copious amount of ways to wear, loafers are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Subtle, robust, elegant, or funky, loafers can be a deadly addition to any outfit. Check out these five colourful ways to wear loafers picked from Reü’s Room.

Image result for dean martin loafer

Dean Martin takes smart casual to a whole new level of cool. With suede navy loafers beautifully finishing the cream outfit, the boldness perfectly plays off the light canvas. Turtleneck, blazer, and trousers, along with the loafers prove to be a classy grouping.

Image result for elton john loafer

Loudest foot forward here by Elton John as he steps out the car in these bold black loafers with fluorescent red tassels and outlining. The loafers speak for themselves here. You can’t exactly take your eyes off them as Elton uses red and orange more subtly in his pocket square choice, but of course brings out his trademark orange glasses.

Image result for elton john loafer

Colourful loafers to certainly match a colourful personality. Frankly, nothing less is expected from a maverick of the arts. This iconic artist has rocked out in some iconic outfits, and he can most certainly add these party pieces to his vast collection of showstoppers.

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Duke and Dexter mastering the effectiveness of the loafer. The loafers do all the talking in their camouflage range. The simplicity of the outfit allows the courageous loafers to carry the outfit.

Image result for duke and dexter loafer

Although camouflage print, these loafers simply can’t hide. As a personal favourite brand of mine, I couldn’t leave out these expertly crafted loafers. With daring designs and subtle finishes, the camouflage range at Duke and Dexter are a perfect way to finish a simple casual outfit with a punch.

Image result for leon bridges loafer

Leon Bridges Twistin’ & Groovin’ in these buckled loafers. Bridges aptly takes the loafers back to the 60s with the white front surrounded by the black back and sides of the loafer. This is a classic Bridges move which enhances the sartorial brilliance of this outfit combining the blue checked suit with the lighter crimson polo. The loafers have an air of the Rat Pack, but Bridges also brings his own unique modern style with his vintage influences.

Image result for russell westbrook wears loafers

By now, I struggle to think of any type of style that hasn’t been rocked by Russell Westbrook. Putting an individual spin on Black Tie attire, Russ pulls up to the NBA Playoffs pre-game in these black suede loafers with the Mickey Mouse Club logo. Russ often wears Del Toro, and I think we all know why; the creative collaboration with Disney is what the explosive basketball star is all about. This unlikely pairing breaks boundaries that Russ is all too familiar with doing. Before balling-out on the biggest stage, you have to come totally prepared, and Russ comes ready to play in these swanky loafers that put a lighter spin on smart Black Tie.

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The Hawaiian Shirt



Too colourful? Too loud? Too daring? The Hawaiian shirt has been an ever-present debate in fashion. Although, when worn with confidence, the vibrant shirt can look as slick as anything. Take a look at some of the most stylish ways these icons rocked the Hawaiian shirt picked from Reü’s Room.

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Mick Jagger posing with a languorous vibe on board in 1973
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Aloha from Elvis in Blue Hawaii, 1961
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Al Pacino winning Best Actor for a Motion Picture drama in Scarface
Image result for russell westbrook hawaiian shirt
Russ ballin’ out for the OKC Thunder in a shirt which most certainly mirrors his personality!
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Young Leo lost in reflection, pulling out the ‘Bad Boy’ look in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet
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Imagine having this guy serving you at the bar! Tom Cruise in Cocktail, 1988
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Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra serving up the drinks with Donna Reed in From Here to Eternity, 1953
Image result for donald glover hawaiian shirt
Donald Glover going all Gucci for the 2018 Gucci Cruise show
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Harry Styles fearlessly soloing this Hawaiian show stopper out shopping, for what I hope is more Hawaiian shirts!
Image result for leon bridges hawaiian shirt
Leon Bridges going trademark and bringing it back old school with the perfect blend of colours
Image result for pierce brosnan hawaiian shirt
Pierce Brosnan looking devilishly handsome as James Bond in Die Another Day

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Rock ‘n’ Rollneck


5 Ways To Wear

The versatility of a roll neck sweater must not be understated. With its ability to carry off anything between loungewear and formal black tie, the turtleneck is an essential component to every man’s dress. Take a look from Reü’s Room at five of the infinite ways one can rock a roll neck.

Image result for bob dylan turtleneck
For The Times They Are A Changin’

Visionary artist Bob Dylan rockin’ out live in a skinny fit black turtleneck sweater. This became a trademark look for Dylan and he wears it with pure style as his all black outfit here on stage helps deliver the penetrating poetry in his music. Electric guitar, harmonica, and the all-black fit, the audience are in for the performance of their lives. The turtleneck coupled with the shades is highly effective in its simplicity. Dylan proves there’s no one way to wear a turtleneck, yet the answer is “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

Image result for joseph dolce turtleneck
Casually Catching Some Rays

Model Joseph Dolce expertly constructing summertime casual turtleneck attire. The combination of the light browns against a formal black loafer enhances the brightness of the outfit. A perfect way to wear a fun and easy roll neck, and I suppose it helps if you look like Joseph Dolce…

Sweater on Sweater

Ideal layering on display here as the darker trousers and sweater accentuate the delicate white roll neck to fashion a swanky outfit. A more eccentric way of wearing a turtleneck whilst still keeping its effect. This smart-casual attire is jazzed up by the addition of bold creativity.

Looking Regal on Horseback

Vintage film star Clark Gable intricately style out this classy outfit. The star from It Happened one Night and Gone With The Wind handsomely carries this polished white roll neck with light beige trousers, expressing the subtle effect of a turtleneck sweater.

Often incorporating a turtleneck sweater into his fashion, Jeff Goldblum demonstrates on the red carpet how to elegantly wear a roll neck in Black Tie dress. A universal style icon and a personal favourite when looking at style, Goldblum consistently demonstrates sartorial perfection. The black overcoat, double breasted blazer, trousers and boots all evoke the brilliance of the dynamic turtleneck sweater.

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Celebrating Elvis Presley’s 84th Birthday


Top 5 Live Performances by The King

To kick off the Old Souls blog what better person to celebrate than Elvis Presley. Elvis embodies what Old Souls is all about; slick style, vigorous entertainment, and just doing what you love. To celebrate Elvis’s 84th birthday on the 8th of January, take a look at the top 5 favourite Elvis live performances from Reü’s Room.

Number 5: Elvis Presley’s First Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

On 9th September 1956, Elvis appeared for the first time on the prestigious Ed Sullivan show; a show that before Elvis helped launch stars such as Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Frank Sinatra.

At first, Ed Sullivan didn’t want Elvis to appear on his show because of Elvis’ seemingly dangerous modern musical taste and his sexual movements on stage. Nevertheless, Elvis appeared and drove the audience of screaming teens into bedlam. The first segment of the performance saw Elvis shot only from the waist up for the more ‘conventional’ viewers, in an attempt to censor the nation of the vigorous hip thrusting. Elvis opened with Don’t be Cruel and finished the first segment on a more romantic note with the title of what would be a new movie, Love me Tender.

Elvis Presley : First Appearance : The Ed Sullivan Show : September 9, 1956.
Elvis banging away at the guitar whilst staring seductively into the audience

The second segment saw Elvis rocket into Little Richard’s Ready Teddy followed by Hound Dog where his whole body was now being shot. The show reached a national viewing of 83% and saw Elvis’ following grow even more rapidly, and even more teenage hearts were breaking.

Number 4: Louisiana Hayride

Image result for elvis louisiana hayride 1954
Sparkly eyes ready for stardom

A humble 19 year old Elvis takes stage at the the KWKH Radio Louisiana Hayride on 16th October 1954. Elvis’ opening exchange with emcee Frank Page indicate his fresh introduction to public fame. But, once Elvis opened with That’s Alright Mama, he sounded like he had been performing for years.

Image result for elvis louisiana hayride 1954

Elvis then launched into Blue Moon of Kentucky , B side of his record. Although still met with screaming fans, Elvis’ performance appeared to be an adaptation of musical style to the Louisiana hayride audience at the time as it was at the very beginning of Elvis’ strong influence on the Rock ‘n’ Roll genre. Soon enough, the Shreveport audience caught the Elvis bug like the rest of the world as he came back to do two other shows before 1956. This short performance expresses the raw magic that Elvis radiated from his musical style which is why it makes my top 5.

Number 3: Vegas Baby!

Devilishly Handsome in Angelic White

At the International Hotel Las Vegas, 1st August 1969, Elvis ends his near 9 year live concert dry spell. An intimate audience on the night sees the King shoot straight into Blue Suede Shoes. Elvis engages with the audience more in previous concerts as he tells more jokes and anecdotes in his witty, sarcastic manner. With a bigger band, Presley steamrolls into his powerful rock hits such as Hound Dog, I Got a Woman, Jailhouse Rock, and Mystery Train. What better way to start a new era of shows than in one of the entertainment capitals of the world.

Number 2: ’68 Comeback Special

Image result for elvis presley 68 comeback special
Iconic All-Black Jumpsuit

Perhaps one of the most important live performances for Elvis for his own personal reasons. Following a 7 year spell in Hollywood making movies, Elvis felt like his long break from live shows meant he lost touch with musical trends. Presley was also upset about the poor quality films he was making and endured a tough spell in his relationship with Colonel Tom Parker as he though The Colonel used Elvis’s break for selfish financial reasons.

Image result for elvis presley if i can dream comeback
If I Can Dream

The ’68 Comeback Special consisted of 2 musicals, a sit down show, and a stand up show. The sit down show proved to be a more modern Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis performance with the 33 year old having a huskier voice, apparent when singing Heartbreak Hotel, Don’t Be Cruel, and All Shook Up. During Elvis’ live stand up show he performed the passionate new pride of his performing career, If I Can Dream. Debatably Elvis’ best ever live vocal performance, Presley’s true heart-felt message is evoked in the intensity of the delivery. The song’s message about world harmony carries through the recording and is made stronger in this powerful live performance as Elvis’s emotion shines.

Number 1: Elvis Returns to Tupelo

Elvis Presley 1956 - Tupelo, MS. Mississippi-Alabama Fairgrounds

On 26th September 1956 Elvis returns to the Mississippi-Alabama Fairground stage to thousands of screaming fans where he rolls into a raw and sexual rendition of Heartbreak Hotel. Guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J Fontana accompany Elvis expertly as he thrusts his way into I Was The One with The Jordanaires singing back up.

Elvis Presley 1956 - Tupelo, MS. Mississippi-Alabama Fairgrounds

Elvis’ performance is electrifying from start to finish, closing the roaring show with every member of the audience screaming at the top of their lungs to Hound Dog. This live show from The King simply must take top spot with its modern Rock ‘n’ Roll style, sexually liberating performance, and flawless vocals.

Happy belated birthday to The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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NBA Runway


Swag From The Stars 

Every night the NBA stars fuse an array of bold, colourful, and swanky outfits before they take the court. Whether it be game one of the regular season or game seven of the play-offs, the players always look sharp. Reminisce in some classic NBA runway pre-game fits picked from Reü’s Room.

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Fashion Explosion
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Only The King
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The Beard Showing up for the 2018 All-Star Game
Image result for jimmy butler outfit
Pulling Up in Smart-Casual
Chuck Going Bold
Image result for carmelo anthony pregame outfit
Melo Lookin’ Smooth
Image result for chris bosh pregame outfit
Bosh in double breasted
Image result for dwyane wade pregame outfit
Image result for NICK YOUNG pregame outfit
Swaggy P
Image result for kobe bryant pregame outfits
Power Play from Kobe
Image result for chris paul pregame outfits
CP3 in Off-White
Related image
Shirt Dame? Naaa

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